They can take on heavy responsibilities at the critical moment, can’t be stopped by neither wind or rain for many years.

Multifactor Designs of structure are to meet different customer needs, Higher transfer capability for the current and lower contact resistance make much more profits. IP68 Waterproof class can make you feel safe in any bad environment. Approved by TUV and UL, and universally accepted. Bkt enterprise, innovation everywhere!

Technical Data for MC4 Connector

Certificate UL TUV
Product Name Series BKT4.10, followed by –a5, may be followed
by none, followed by c12, c13, c14 or c15, followed
by d1 or d3, followed by e2 or e4, may be followed
by f1, and may be followed by g1.
Certified Model BKT4.10-a5CDEfl gl BKT4.10-cds
Rated Voltage UL1500V IEC1500V
Rated Current 30A for 14AWG 36A for 2.5mm2
35A for 12AWG 41A for 4.0mm2
50A for 10AWG 46A for 6.0mm2
Cable Specification 90°C 2000V, Strands of Conductor 41-84/0.25-0.3, IEC 1500V,Strands of Conductor 41-84/0.25-0.3, OD 4.7-7.2mm, 2.5mm2, 4.0mm2, 6.0mm2
14 AWG, 12 AWG, 10 AWG
IP degree N/A IP65/IP68(1m,1h)
Protection Class N/A Class II
Resistance of Connector Max 0.2mS2 Max 0.2mS2
Flammability Class UL94 V-0 UL94 V-0
Temperature Range -40°C—+85°C -40°C—+85°C

Drawing of connector

NO. Name Specification Quantity
1 Cable Nut I 2PCS
2 Hook / 2PCS
3 Gasket / 2PCS
4 Female Housing / 1PCS
5 Terminal 1 / 1PCS
6 0 ring / 1PCS
7 Terminal 2 1 1PCS
8 Male Housing I 1PCS